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How to hack facebook account                             


Millions of people are talking about Facebook Account Hacking Tricks. But after a long search a few are able to do so who have much knowledge of HTML coding and professional in IT.  Everybody know that itís not so much easy to hack facebook accounts. Facebook pays a lot of money to itís security employees and experts to reduce hacking of accounts. But here you have a trick to hack your friend's facebook account. This trick is not funny or fake at all.


Few of you might be knowing that Facebook has integrated a new feature to recover forgotten passwords of users i.e. Three Trusted Facebook Account Friends. However, this trick is integrated for recovering the lost passwords by Facebook but Hackers reversed it and use this trick to hack the Facebook Accounts. This is a major black hole in Facebook and itís security plannings.

Many people hacks Facebook Accounts by Keylogging, Phishing sites, DDOS attacks etc but that is neither called hacking nor the people called hackers. These are the alternate methods of hacking.

After this, you are able to hack your Friendís Facebook Account easily by just following few steps given here.


Step by Step to Hack your friend's facebook account

  •      First  you have to create three fake facebook accounts and add them in the friend list of your friendís Facebook account whom account you are about to hack. If you have done so, then you have finished about 90% of your work to Hack the account.

  •      Now open the login page of facebok and click on Forgot Facebook Password button. Facebook system will show you three solutions to recover your password as shown below

  •      Fill the Email address of your friend in the first section and give your Friendís Name and your name in the Name Field, Then, click on Search Button.

  •       If you have done above steps correctly, then you will see the profile picture of your friend whose Email address is to be filled, whose account is to be hacked

  •      After that, click on No Longer Have Access to These

  •      Then, enter a New Email Address which has not to be used with Facebook Account earlier & click on the Submit button to proceed to next step

  •     You will be asked for the security questionís answer. If you know the answer then itís perfect and if you donít know then fill it with wrong answers 3 times 

  •      After this submission of giving wrong answers, Facebook Security will show you TRUSTED FRIENDS feature to recover the account

  •      Click on the Continue button

  •     Then, it will ask you to fill &select 3 Friends ( select your 3 Fake Accountís Name) from the shown list and click the Continue button each time after the selection

  •     After the above step, Facebook have sent the security codes to each of the 3 accounts selected

  •     Then, Login to each of the 3 accounts and note the security codes manually and fill them in proper manner ( If they are not found in Inbox then check the Spam Folder too )

  •      Now, the Password Reset Email has been sent to the new Email provided by you in the 7th step

ō     Thatís it! You are done successfully, Now, you have access to your Friendís Facebook Account which has been HACKED.

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